My story

Odd is the extension of my own story. I am Audrey. Rebel woman, perfectionist, of character but at the same time gentle with a sensitive soul.

Creating is part of me, I was born an artist. It was during my teenage years that I saw this passion for design and decoration grow. I naturally began studying fashion and textiles at the University of Mauritius. I then landed in several local companies as an embroidery designer, pattern maker and stylist, respectively. It was ten beautiful years of crazy learning marked by meeting new people, trips and unforgettable experiences. It all forged the woman I have become today.

During my career I got pregnant for the second time and after giving birth to my daughter I lost my job overnight. Discouraged, bored, I wasn't prepared for this news. Mother of two children with responsibilities to assume, I courageously take my destiny in hand and decide to set myself up on my own. This is the start ofOdd.

Initially, I had no knowledge of social media or entrepreneurship. I do how I can. I try, I fall, I start again and I succeed. I learn on the job. My challenge is all the more difficult because I find myself assuming my role as a mother by breastfeeding my youngest, taking care of my eldest, household chores and at the same time managing my small business.

However, I never gave up. Tears flowed in silence, but I always got up stronger and more determined each time. Today through Odd, I want to reveal my intimacy and convey the universe in which I live. After all Odd tell my own story!