Odd - My little story

Created by a feminine and artistic soul, Odd was born in January 2020 in Mauritius. I am Audrey, the designer who embarked on this crazy project after spending many years working in the world of textiles and fashion. I have always been passionate about design but the best part is when you manage to convey emotion through creations.

Are you wondering how I came up with this name? Odd is indeed the diminutive of my first name. The word "Odd" also reminds me of all things that are different, special, unusual, quirky and eccentric. This is how I would like to describe the products I offer.

As a small entrepreneur, I aspire to offer unique products with a real identity. Authenticity is my key word and quality I want to achieve because my only goal is to offer sustainable products.

My desire today is to use my passion as a tool to bring charm, daring and a ton of color to your daily life. So, if you want to take the plunge like me, don't hesitate to order. One click is enough to change everything!

What the press says!

March 2020 

August 2020
I had the chance to welcome home the charming team of @essentiellemagazine and the talented @annega_official for a workshop. In fact, the singer was challenged by the magazine to make on her own a product usually made by a craftsman. Annega chose her fabric and one of the models from my collection. With my help she built the Lily model which she then customized with seashells. Find the full article in this month's magazine. Article written by @ anais.ahchin which I would like to thank. What a wonderful experience!

And then also, find the Luisa model in the shopping section. thanks to @ikadelacroix for this little wink.

September 2020
Have you heard of the new online magazine @xpression_me ? They published their first edition this week and I had the opportunity to participate with this article.

Thank you @kamroodur for a wink to Odd!

May 2021

June 2021