The workshop

It didn't take long to find my brand name. It emerged as obvious. Odd it's the diminutive of my first name. This choice also evokes anything that is different, particular, quirky and eccentric. By the way, that's how I describe my works.

In my workshop, I imagine and I make my products. An idea, an inspiration, a few sketches, a piece of fabric and the magic happens. And as a small entrepreneur, I also support local business. Reason for which I collaborate with several local workshops and other craftsmen during my projects

Handmade is a luxury and a sustainable choice for the consumer. So I strive for quality in order to encourage people to buy less, but better. My collections require long hours of manual labor, from the selection of raw materials to the making of the finished product. This is why I choose limited collections. I produce in small quantities and at a reasonable rate of preparation

I also practice a “zero waste” approach which consists in using as much material as possible for cutting and thus reducing waste of fabrics. It is with this in mind that some models have emerged from leftover pieces.

And if I had to tell you about my products, I would tell you that I am a jack of all trades. Accessories, clothes, decorations, my creativity has no limits. My little extra: I am passionate about embroidery that I intend to develop as the signature of my brand.

At the house of Odd, after all, it’s a piece of happiness that one comes looking for.